I started this blog as I saw a need to educate my fellow man, (and woman) about some of the things that seem to be overlooked in the world today concerning their health and well being. You’d think these would be common sense however I’ve learned that common sense isn’t common.


One common problem is that people don’t drink enough. By the time you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated and could have lost as much as a liter of liquid. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to start drinking. If you chug a large glass of water when you feel thirsty that will make you just need to dash to the restroom within half an hour or so. Aim to sip water throughout the day. There’s an old guideline of 6 glasses (a glass being 8oz) of water per day, between meals. If you are eating whole foods you might not actually need to do that, since you’ll get plenty of liquid from water in fruits and vegetables. If you’re eating processed foods a lot then you need lots of water. Coughs, headaches and sinus issues often get better when you start drinking more water.

Lack of sleep is another common problem. A lot of people are not getting enough, and good enough quality, sleep. You need seven to eight hours of sleep a night and if you are not getting that then you will suffer. The body starts to make melatonin at 9pm and will stop production of it by midnight. Growth hormone tends to get made during sleep (usually between 1 and 3am) and if you are not in a deep sleep by then, you could be missing out on having your body heal. This is why shift workers sometimes suffer from ill health. You can get away with bad sleep for short periods of time but you will eventually suffer for it.

A lack of vegetables in your diet is a common problem for a lot of adults. Most people know that they should eat their vegetables, but they don’t do it. Even if they have kids and tell their kids that they need to eat their vegetables, they fail to do it for themselves. Eating your vegetables will give you more energy, improve the quality of your skin, help you stay regular with going to the bathroom, and generally keep you healthy. Remember, too, that your children will see what you do, and if you don’t eat your vegetables they will follow your example, and pick up your habits. Set a good example for them and eat right!

Lack of play is a big one, too. Why do we accept that the fun ends at a certain age? Stress isn’t good for us. We need to relax; watch movies, read books, dance, go for walks, play a sport, learn to play a musical instrument. Find something that you enjoy, and make time to do that thing so that you are not so mentally burned out all the time. It will make you feel better, and it will make you perform better at work too.