A Spring Detox Regime

When it comes to detoxification regimes, a great time to do them is in the spring. Here are some tips:

Start Your Day

To cleanse your kidney and your liver, drink unsweetened lemon juice in the mornings. To do that, take an 8-ounce glass of water and dilute it by squeezing ½ a lemon into it. Drink lemon juice 15 minutes before your breakfast. Doing this will not only reduce your weight, but it will improve your skin and keep your bowels regular.

The Master Cleanse

Water 8 ounces
Fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon
Maple Syrup 1 to 2 tablespoons
Cayenne Pepper 1/10 teaspoon

Mix the ingredients into the water and drink the water throughout the day. Go for six to 12 of the 8-ounce glasses. Increase the maple syrup to two tablespoons if you are tired or if you have a headache. Only do the Master Cleanse unsupervised for three to five days.

Salt Water Intestinal Cleanse

Sea Salt 2 level teaspoons
Lukewarm Water 1 quart

First thing in the morning, drink the entire quart. Wait until one or two hours later to eat. Do not eat before that. You can exercise lightly or you can rest. With that in mind, be sure to stay near the bathroom. For added benefits, do the Salt Water Cleanse while doing the Master Cleanse. This makes the Salt Water Cleanse work even better. If nothing or almost nothing happens after the Salt Water Cleanse, slightly increase the salt. However, if you do this and expel a large amount of stool, leaving you feeling thirsty, reduce the salt a bit for next time. If you have edema or high blood pressure, only do this practice supervised.

If you’re looking for a complete detox, there’s a 23-day program that includes three formulations designed to cleanse the liver, the colon, and the kidneys to get rid of toxins that have accumulated in your body. These three powerful products work together to eliminate toxins. The formulas also work to support the relief of constipation, normal renal function, and natural toxin elimination.