Heavy Metals

aDo you use aluminium pots for cooking or anti-perspirant?

Have you lived in a home that contains pre-1970’­s paint?

Have you been exposed to any pressure- treated wood?

Do you have mercury amalgam fillings?

Do you smoke tobacco?

Do you eat fish?

Answering yes to any of these questions may increase your risk of an accumulation of heavy metals in your body. I have incorporated hair analysis with more of my patients when their conditions are looking stubborn. I’ve been shocked to see how often these people are overloaded with more than one toxic metal.

At a very basic level the body actually requires small amounts of the metals that we often refer to as heavy or toxic. The problem comes when we have too much of these metals as they will kick out the more important ones that happen to be more difficult to absorb (e.g. calcium and iron). Numerous health issues can arise from an excess of heavy metals, depending on the amount and which metals are too high. Illnesses and symptoms that arise include; Alzheimer’­s, osteoporosis, MS, digestive disorders, thyroid issues and arteriosclerosis.

If you have ever wondered what your load of heavy metals is you may want to get a hair analysis test performed. Rocky Mountain Analytical does the testing for us and screens for 38 elements, toxic and essential and also gives suggestions for where you may have picked the heavy metals up. I have natural products available for decreasing heavy metal load.

To arrange for a test kit call my office at 422-2767