Electro-magnetic Radiation

What you can’t see can harm you

Since the 1990’s government agencies, NGO’s, universities and independent laboratories have been studying the effects of electro-magnetic radiation (EMF) on the human body.  What has been determined is that man-made EMF are structurally different from the EMF found in nature including the subtle low frequency EMF that our body’s cells use to communicate with each other. The natural fields are random or  noisy in their frequency, amplitude and waveform, whereas the artificial EMF are regular and constant. For example, EMF from cell phones appear as regular bursts of microwave radiation, EMF from computer monitors are saw-tooth shapes, and EMF from AC-powered devices are sinusoidal. Our cells respond negatively to such regular fields, become stressed and try to protect themselves.

Common Ailments suspected to be caused by electromagnetic waves

Sleep disturbances
Concentration disturbances
Circulation disturbances
Asthma & respiratory diseases
Decline in performance
Burn out syndrome

Health Canada Offers Practical Advice on Safe Cell Phone Use

There are a small number of epidemiology studies that have shown brain cancer rates might be elevated in long term/heavy cell phone users.  Other epidemiology studies on cell phone users, laboratory studies and animal cancer studies have not supported this association.  The International Agency for Research on Cancer’s ( IARC) recent classification of Radio Frequency Field (RF) energy as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” is an acknowledgement that limited data exists that suggests RF energy might cause cancer.  At present, the scientific evidence is far from conclusive and more research is required. Read the full report.

ADR Protect

ADR Protect is a Class 1 medical device that protects the body from the harmful effects of electronic devices and the electromagnetic fields that they emit. The ADR Protect does not stop the production of radiation by these electrical devices (as this would make them function improperly) but changes the frequency of the waves that are emitted to ones that more closely match what the human body produces.


ADR-Protect (diameter 21 mm) is equipped with the elastic magnetic foil generating a specific spatial magnetic field. At certain points the ceramic substance and some oxidized metals are mounted, which exert influence in the area of infrared radiation. The ADR-Protect energy stimulator strengthens the body’s immunity to harmful environmental pollutants by regulating the organism’s functions.

ADR-Protect should be carried as close as possible to the body. Therefore, the following places to fasten it are recommended; the back of  a mobile device, the back of a watch, on a computer mouse, trousers’ and shirt’s pockets, purse/wallet, in your shoe.

adr protect

The energy stimulator should be fastened to electrical appliances on the reverse side of the encasement/closure (each ADR-Protect is equipped with a self-adhesive layer).

ADR Protect has an adhesive backing so that it can be affixed to the outer surface of an electrical appliance (for example, on the casing of cellular telephone, IPOD or computer).

Using ADR Protect is easy. Simply stick ADR Protect to the smooth surface of your device and you are protected from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your device.

Available at the Be Well Spa for $40.76

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